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Volunteers are the lifeblood of Valley Meals and More. Their passion and dedication is reflected in the new and long-lasting friendships they make with older adults receiving services from them. “Going the extra mile” is the norm for our volunteers.


Have a couple hours each week or periodically? We invite you to become a part of our compassionate team of volunteers. Simply fill out these forms               and we will go from there. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to call 970-404-1193 to discuss the variety of volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Delivery Drivers & Walkers

BENEFITS: The wonderful feeling of delivering nutritious and delicious meals to older neighbors and new friends who truly look forward to your visit! 


RESPONSIBILITIES: On the assigned day, the volunteer delivers hot lunches to older adults within the specific geographic area of Valley Meals. As the volunteer delivers the meals they check to see if the client appears “well” and report back any unusual circumstances. Volunteers work under the supervision of the daily coordinator and the Executive Director who will provide orientation and guidance as needed. 



  1. Pick up meals (hot and cold food containers) and a route sheet at designated pick up site (restaurant or parking area). Meal pick-up times range from 11:30am to noon, depending on the restaurant/provider. Verify assigned meal deliveries and meal counts. Maintain correct temperatures for food by keeping food in the containers provided, plugged in as necessary, and keeping insulated bags closed during transport.

  2. Deliver meals to 6-16 households, greet clients, and check on them. 

  3. Call recipient number if no answer; report back to coordinator

  4. Return delivery bags to designated return point immediately after delivery and share information about client needs or any observed or reported problems.

  5. Occasionally, deliver the newspapers, Valley Meals holiday gifts and updates with the meals

  6. Notify Executive Director, in advance, if unable to deliver on assigned day 

  7. Have fun!


TIME COMMITMENT: Meals are delivered mid-morning Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, including holidays. Volunteers are typically scheduled for the same weekly route. Some volunteers deliver more than once a week and some as little as once per month. On-call substitutes are also needed. Routes usually take 1 to 1.5 hours. 


REQUIREMENTS: Volunteer drivers must use their own vehicle and have a valid Colorado driver’s license. Car should have a clean area to place the meal delivery insulated bags. Couples and partners may work together. Volunteers will receive orientation to the Valley Meals and More program and other offered services.


NO SOLICITATION: Volunteers may not promote or solicit for any products or services. Discussion of political or religious views or beliefs while volunteering for the Valley Meals program is also not allowed. Solicitation for any outside charities or nonprofits is prohibited.

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